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ICOM triennial General Conference / "Museums for Social Harmony", ICME annual conference "The Challenging Museum/Challenging the Museum", Shanghai, China, 2010 November 8th - 10th

Papers as available

Anette Rein: Sacred Ritual or Profane ‘Event’ Culture? How can ritual objects and Performances in Museums be Shown with Integrity?

Agnes Aljas: Audience participation as the framework of activities for museums and heritage institutions

Zvjezdana Antos: Letٰٰ s have a coffee! – Interpretation of items from our daily life

Ann Siri Hegseth Garberg: “Minda. The girl at the pharmacy.” An educational programme on sexual assaults. A challenging theme at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum/ Museums of South Trøndelag - Trondheim, Norway

Viv Golding:  ‘The elephant in the room or five blind men, 3 women and an elephant’ Truth?

Klaus Grenill: When legitimate claims collide: Dealing with critiques of dialogical efforts in Museum work

Stefan Krankenhagen, Kerstin Poehls: Exhibiting Europe. The Development of European narratives in museums, collections, and exhibitions

Elena Marushiakova, Vesselin Popov: Roma/Gypsy Museum – Challenging the Museum's Traditions in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Ralf Čeplak Mencin: Museum Roma culture festivals challenging the public (opinion)

Tanja Rozenbergar Sega: Collections in (R)evolution

Sabrina Hong Yi: The Comparism of the first and second Generation of Chinese Ecomuseums

Yong Jirong: Development of Ethnic Museums and Museums in Ethnic Areas
and the Challenges They Face

Zhang Minjie: The Thinking of the Ethnic Museums facing challenges


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