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  ICOM triennial conference, Barcelona 2001

The multicultural Society

The "old" world's fascination for the "new", reflected in museums

  • Lori Richardson (Australia):The Return of Indigenous Cultural Property (RICP) Program.

Folk Art, Ethnic Art, Fine Art - Categories and relations

Folk, ethnic and fine art?

  • Ruth Kark (Israel):
    Museum Collections and Orientalism - From the Holy Land to Harvard
  • Leif Pareli (Norway):
    Modern 'aboriginal' Sami art between tradition and globalism.
  • Aldona Jonaitis (USA):
    Alaskan Art: a sense of place
  • Jo Farb Hernandez (USA):
    Bending the borders: the art of "Outsider" Environments.
  • Dr.Fulga Ligia (Romania):
    La relation entre artisanat en art traditionel en Roumanie: tendences et manifestations actuelles

Looking at the future - Challenges in documentation

  • Peny Theologi-Gouti (Greece):
    The CIDOC/ethno group and its activities with ethnological documentation

Looking at the future - Endangered cultural properties

Looking at the future - New Museum Concepts

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