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ICOM-ICME/2012/Namibia (ICME Annual Conference 2012) 12-14 September, 2012 & Post-Conference Tour 15-18 September


Abiti Adebo Nelson (Uganda)
Post Conflict Memorial preservation for reconciliation and the promotion of peace: The ‘Case of the Pabbo Internal People’s Displaced Camp Memorial.’

Michael Uusiku Akuupa (Republic of South Africa)
Museum and Living museums in post-apartheid Namibia: A critical look

Mario Buletic (Croatia)
Mediating culture in the frame of everyday life practices

Kathrin Dürrschmidt (Namibia)
Living Museums as a way of preserving cultural knowledge?

Raffaella Fontanot and Bartolo Sanchez (Mexico)
The Jimtk Tohono Exhibition:
An Experience in Participant Museology

Silvia Forni (Canada)
A museum fit for a king.
Art, heritage and politics in the Cameroonian Grasslands

Fabienne Galangau-Quérat and Yves Girault (France)
The museum’s experience in Cameroon as a media for tangible and intangible heritage

Galia Gavish (Israel)
The Sheba Connection

Viv Golding (United Kingdom)
Museum theatre and live interpretation in UK museums

Lydia Icke-Schwalbe (Germany)
The changing museum’s concept: From colonial site collections to preservation of cultural heritage

Søren la Cour Jensen (Denmark)
The Museum of Knud Rasmussen and the Inuit of the Arctic

Laurie Kalb Cosmo (Italy)
The History of Exhibiting Africa in Italy

Baerbel Kerkhoff-Hader (Germany)
Open Air Museums in Germany and the Performance of Culture

Kunwook (Vanya) Lee (Korea)
Experiments to Exhibit Things that are Intangible: A Study of Special Exhibitions; Arirang and Multiculturalism

Olefile V. Letsebe (Botswana)
The Living Museum and Cultural Villages: Revival of Traditional Cultures in Botswana

Jesmael Mataga and Farai M. Chabata (Lesotho)
Interpreting cultures and (Re)presenting Ethnic Diversity: 'Traditional Villages ' in Zimbabwe

Heidi McKinnon (USA)
Evolving Responsibilities: Social Relevance and Expanding Museum Constituencies

Lidija Nikocevic (Croatia)
The ideal Istrian village: an imagined rural past

Anette Rein (Germany)
The performance of culture and tradition: Are living museums part of a global theatre?

Per B. Rekdal (Norway)
Commodifying Culture? Tourism and ‘traditional objects

Martin Tindi (Kenya)
Museum, Peacemaking and conflict Resolution

Kaingu Kalume Tinga (Kenya)
The Malindi Cultural Museum: Challenges in the 21st Century

Sylvia Wackernagel (Germany)
Culture as a commodity and beyond: cultural exchange in ‘living’ museum settings with examples from the First Nations communities Wendake/QC and Alert Bay/BC, Canada

Kiwon Yi (Korea)
Commodifying Culture through Intangible Heritage in the National Folk Museum of Korea