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  ICME/2013/Rio de Janeiro, Post Conference Tour - Hold the Date!

Dear ICME members and friends,
As the New Year progresses and we enter the second month, many of you are starting to think about the upcoming ICOM Triennial which convenes in Rio de Janeiro in August. I hope you have read our first call for papers and will consider making a presentation following the two themes chosen: see here for more.
We are looking forward to the exchange of ideas as we meet jointly with COMCOL and ICMAH this year.

ICME once again is planning a Post Conference tour immediately following the close of the General Conference, August 18-19. The 2013 ICME Post Conference tour will concentrate two very filled days in Rio de Janeiro, immersing participants in the culture and flavor of the city.

Day One will emphasize visits to smaller community-based museums:
“MUSEU DE FAVELA – Pavão & Pavãozinho”;



Day Two will take participants past the landmark “PEDRÃO” Belvedere and into the heart of the Santa Marta favela.  The day will be spent touring and learning about the favela with some time to give back with a hands-on community service activity.
The ICME post conference tour will include guide, transport, museum admissions, and 1 Feijoada (vegetarian available) lunch.  In order to keep the cost of the two-day tour below $275 we will need 30 participants on the tour.

Later this month more details will be distributed.

With best wishes and looking forward to a great reunion of old and new friends in Rio!


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ICOM Triennial Brasil 2013 - ICME Annual Conference

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  10-17 August, 2013

ICME (the International Committee for Museums of Ethnography), an international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), will hold its 2013 annual conference on 10-17 August, 2013, as part of the ICOM 23rd General Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

The theme for the ICOM Triennial is Museums (memory + creativity = social change) - which describes the general notion that museums wish and work to promote change. The mathematical equation inspiring the 23rd General Conference of the International Council of Museums suggests that this work arises from a composition between creative freshness and the memory constructed and entrusted to museums. It is memory activated by creativity in the museum environment reverberating in the society and promoting social change.  

see: www.icomrio2013.org.br/en/conference-theme

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