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25.12. 2012

Upcoming Conference - EUROCLIO

Erfurt, Germany on 7-13 April 2013

Thanks a lot for your interest in the 20th EUROCLIO Annual Conference and Professional Development Course. Reflecting Remembrance, Teaching History for a Common Culture of Remembrance?

The conference will take place in Erfurt, Germany on 7-13 April 2013.

History is most visible in the public eye when it comes to commemoration sites, days of remembrance and controversies related to how one deals with legacies of memory. States, as well as groups of people, tend to stress the importance of public remembrance as a token of respect to victims, but also as lessons for the future.
•How are History, Heritage and Citizenship Educators in Europe's classrooms dealing with this implicit responsibility of educating the history of this "Dark Continent"?
•How do we respect the pain and victimhood of past experiences, without burdening the future generations with obstructive feelings of guilt?
•What is the role of the State in preserving memory and how has this role changed when different political ideologies are dominant?

Erfurt – City of Diversity with rich history of remembrance – is the perfect location to meet your peers from all over Europe and beyond and to explore this rich theme, different methods and experiences in dealing with remembrance in teaching History. Participants will also enjoy one the most beautiful historical town centres of Germany. 9000 academic students studying at Erfurt University bridge the picturesque past and Erfurt´s lively present in the little alleys between the old merchants´ bridge and the cathedral. This town, located in the heart of Europe, used to be a thriving commercial centre, profiting from its location close to medieval trading routes. Augustinerkloster, our charming conference venue, actually saw Martin Luther who lived there as a monk.

EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators and the VGD – History Teachers Association of Germany, with its affiliate member the VGD-Thuringia – have come together in 2013 to organize a professional development course, entitled "Reflecting Remembrance, Teaching History for a Common Culture of Remembrance?" that will contribute to our understanding of the questions above, through a focused-approach on the bridge between theory and practice, between the museum and the school, but also between these and the society at large.

Please, visit the web-page of the conference at http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/2013-erfurt for more information about the conference programme, practicalities and grants.