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26.01. 2013

CFP: ICME/2013/Rio de Janeiro

ICME/2013/Brasil Annual Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 10-17 August, 2013


ICME/2013/Brasil Annual Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 10-17 August, 2013

ICME (the International Committee for Museums of Ethnography), an international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), will hold its 2013 annual conference on 10-17 August, 2013, as part of the ICOM 23rd General Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

The theme for the ICOM Triennial is Museums (memory + creativity = social change) - which describes the general notion that museums wish and work to promote change. The mathematical equation inspiring the 23rd General Conference of the International Council of Museums suggests that this work arises from a composition between creative freshness and the memory constructed and entrusted to museums. It is memory activated by creativity in the museum environment reverberating in the society and promoting social change.

ICME/2013/Brasil invites papers addressing the following two themes:

1. Focus on Collecting:  Contemporary Collecting and Reinterpreting (Older) Collections, a joint session with the ICOM International committees COMCOL and ICMAH, and

2. Curators, Collections, Collaboration:Towards a Global Ethics

Please for further information refer to page ICME Conference 2013