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16.02. 2013

ICON Ethnography Group ICONPF13 Session

The ICON Ethnography Group wishes to invite all ICON Positive Futures 2013 attendees to our afternoon session on Thursday 11th April 2013.

We have six fascinating talks that link together the conservation of Ethnography and Natural History collections. In using the similarity of materials as a starting point, the session will touch on a range of collections care issues and treatment strategies across the two specialisms.

The following is the schedule for the afternoon session held on the 11th April:

14:20 Chair's Intro

14:25 Kate Fulcher, `The diverse use of AJK on ethnographic and natural history objects'

14:45 Lorraine Gibson, `Heritage smells: vapour-phase detection of biocides in cultural heritage environments'

15:05 Emilia Kingham and Elena Torok, `Zulu Hide Shields from the British Museum: Designing Plans for Condition Assessment, Conservation Treatment, and Long-term Storage'

15:25 Questions

15:40 Tea

16:10 Chair's Intro

16:15 Landis Smith and Sarah Owens, `The Conservation of Smithsonian Yup'ik Collections: Re-associating natural history specimens, cultural objects and source communities'

16:35 Gill Comerford, `Conservation and Care of Human Remains Collections: Collaborating and Compromising with Stakeholders'

16:55 Arianna Bernucci, `Dual Personality: Preserving both the historic and scientific importance of the Sloane Herbaria'

17:10 Questions

17:30 End

We hope you can join us for a diverse session that we hope will inspire positive future collaborations between these two varied collections!

Charlotte Ridley (CRidley@HORNIMAN.AC.UK)