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29.03. 2013

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The V&A, The Destruction of the Country House and the Creation of `English Heritage' Ruth Adams

Absent Histories and Absent Images: Photographs, Museums and the Colonial Past Elizabeth Edwards, Matt Mead

Cultural Diplomacy 2.0: Challenges and Opportunities in Museum International Practices Natalia Grincheva

Making Contact in an exhibition zone: Displaying contemporary cultural diversity in Donegal, Ireland, through an installation of visual and material portraits Harriet Purkis

Contact Zones, Third Spaces, and the Act of Interpretation Philipp Schorch

Fault lines of participation: An ethnography translated into an exhibition on family and kinship Kathrina Dankl, Tena Mimica, Lukasz Nieradzik, Karin Schneider, Elisabeth Timm

Book Reviews

Heritage in the Digital Era, edited by Marionos Ioannides, Addison Alonzo, Andreas Georgopoulos, Loukas Kalisperis, Andre Brown and Denis Pitzalis, Brentwood: Multi-Science Publishing Co., 2010, paperback 58, pp. iv+258.
Amy Hetherington

Museum Trouble: Edwardian Fiction and the Emergence of Modernism, Ruth Hoberman, Charlottesville and London, University of Virginia Press, 2011, pp xxvi-236, Hardback 34.50, Cloth $39:50
Jennifer Walklate

Pinning Down The Past: Archaeology, Heritage and Education Today, Mike Corbishley, Heritage Matters Series: volume 5. Boydell Press, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781843836780 Hard Back, 384 pages, numerous illustrations. 25.
Roger White

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