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  ICME Newsletter 43, March 2006





In 2006, we celebrate 60 years since the founding of both ICOM and ICME. This anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on continuities and changes in the activities of our museum organization, as well as in the museum world in general.

Some of you have been members of ICME for many years, while others have only recently become involved. Old and new members alike are invited to use past, present and future perspectives on "Connections, Communities and Collections" when we meet in Miami Beach this July. Don't forget that the deadline for abstracts is March 15th!

Speaking of membership, I recently received an updated list of ICME members from ICOM in Paris. The list from Paris shows that ICME presently has 262 official members from 55 different countries. 23 members are institutions, the rest individuals. This is a slight increase in membership from earlier years (up from 242 voting members in 2001). In comparison, the ICME email list contains 743 addresses, which means that only around 1/3 of the people who receive ICME news are officially ICME members, with the right to vote and to attenthe 2007 ICOM general conference in Vienna.

Within the next week, I will be sending a personal email to each ICME member with a copy of their membership information from the ICOM database in Paris. If you DON'T receive an email from me, yet believe that you are an ICME member, please contact me, or your national ICOM committee. You may need to send an ICOM registration form update to your national ICOM committee, and ask them to forward the information to Paris. And of course, NEW members of ICME are welcome! Details on how to register are available on the "membership" page at http://icme.icom.museum

Regards from
<address> Daniel Winfree Papuga
president@icme.icom.museum </address>

see Conferences 2006

<h3>3. MORE ICME 2005 PAPERS</h3>

We are still collecting presentations from last year's conference "Can Oral History Make Objects Speak?" in Nafplion. The following papers have been uploaded to http://icme.icom.museum since the last issue of ICME news came out, but there are still more papers that are expected to be submitted in the near future!


Information on consultations and study by WIPO on intellectual property and customary law now available at http://www.wipo.int/tk/en/consultations/customary_law/index.html
A call for papers is included, as is a draft issues paper. The page also indicates various ways in which one can participate in this work.

Kind regards,
<address>Wend Wendland
<h3>5. TRAVEL GRANTS FOR ICOM 2007</h3>

ICOM will be awarding travel grants for the 2007 ICOM General Conference in Vienna, Austria. In the application criteria (available on the ICOM website), these grants will be reserved for ICOM members "from developing countries, countries in transition or from countries with non-convertible currencies." The application criteria further states that a letter of recommendation from an International Committee or a Regional Organisation should be included with the application. All applications must reach the ICOM Secretariat by August 1st, 2006. For further information, see: http://icom.museum/general_assembly.html
And for information on the 2007 ICOM General Conference: http://www.icom-oesterreich.at/2007/index.html


On occasion of ICOM's 60th Anniversary this year, we are undertaking an effort to collect existing video/film/photo material on the history of ICOM and its Committees to enrich our UNESCO-ICOM Information Center's archives.

We would be grateful to individuals and institutional members (past and present), to friends, Committee Chairs and officers, to General Conference organizers, to photographers and to video artists (professional and amateur), press agencies and others, if they would donate or loan for duplication any visual material related to ICOM.

Please send us all items you may have before the end of January, along with the form available at http://icom.museum/campaign.html
We appreciate your response to this urgent call!

Thank you for your collaboration.

<address>John S. Zvereff
ICOM Secretary General</address>

March 9-12: "Trade and circulation of popular prints", 7th Congress of the Société Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF), Picture Committee, Trento, Italy. http://www.trentinocultura.net/iniziative/commercio_stampe/programma_eng_h.asp

March 22-25: "WHO OWNS THE PAST? Heritage Rights and Responsibilities in a Multicultural World", 2nd Annual Ename International Colloquium, Ghent, Belgium. http://www.enamecenter.org/pages/events_who_owns_the_past.html

March 22-26: Seventh Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting (MSPRM), Florence & Montecatini Terme, Italy. http://www.iue.it/RSCAS/Research/Mediterranean/mspr2006/

March 24-26: "Movements, Migrations and Displacements in Africa", University of Texas at Austin, USA. http://www.utexas.edu/conferences/africa

March 23-25: "Collecting Cultural Heritage In Indonesia: Ethics, Science and Politics", Amsterdam, Netherlands. An international conference on the occasion of the exhibition "Indonesia: The Discovery of the Past" in De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam. http://www.iias.nl

March 29-31: "Place In Native American History, Literature and Culture", 2006 American Indian Workshop, University of Wales Swansea, UK. http://www.swansea.ac.uk/schools/humanities/conferences/american_indian.html

March 30-31: "Strangers on the Shore", Conference on Early Coastal Contacts with Australia. National Museum of Australia, Canberra. http://www.strangersontheshore.com.au/

April 10-14: "Cosmopolitanism and anthropology", Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) Diamond jubilee conference 2006, University of Keele, UK. http://www.theasa.org/asa06

April 12 - 15: "World's Fairs & Expositions", Joint Conference of the Popular Culture / American Culture Association, Atlanta, GA, USA. http://www.h-net.org/~pcaaca

April, 25-27: "The Museum: A World Forum", Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK.

April 27 -May 1: "A Centennial of Ideas: Exploring Tomorrow's Museums", American Association of Museums annual meeting, Boston MA, USA. http://www.aam-us.org

May 3-6: "Ethics, Politics and Human Subject Research In the New Millennium", Second International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA. http://www.QI2006.org

May 5 - 6: "Translations of Value", Society for Cultural Anthropology, Biennial Spring Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, USA. http://www.aaanet.org/sca/meetings/sca/2006/intro.htm

May 17-20: "Cultures and Colonization in French Africa", French Colonial Historical Society 2006 annual meeting, Dakar, Senegal. http://www.frenchcolonial.org

May 18: "Museums and young people", International Museum Day. http://icom.museum/2006_contents.html or http://icom.museum/young_act.html

May 18-19: "Feeling the Vibes: Dealing with Intangible Heritage", Museum Ethnographers Group Annual Conference 2006, Birmingham, UK. Further information from: Christopher_wingfield@birmingham.gov.uk

June 4-8: "Interpreting Multiculturalism In The Modern Museum Setting", ALHFAM 2006 Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, USA. http://www.alhfam.org/

June 15-18: "Beyond the objects. Exhibiting the tangible", ICOM-ICMAH Annual Meeting, Neumünster, Luxembourg. http://www.icmah.com/

June 17-18: "Passion, play and the everyday: Oral history and the consumer society", Annual Conference of the Oral History Society, Sheffield, UK. http://www.oralhistory.org.uk/conferences/

June 10-11: "Archaeology in the Community", Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK. Contact: s.dhanjal@ucl.ac.uk, http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/

June 29 - July 2: "Steel Cities: Tradition, Transition and Transformation", University of Sheffield, UK. http://www.shef.ac.uk/natcect/steelcities

July 10-12: "Connections, Communities and Collections", ICOM-ICME Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. http://icme.icom.museum

July 10-12: ICOM-ICME post-conference tour, Florida. http://icme.icom.museum

July23-29: "The Quality of Social Existence in a Globalising World", 16th ISA World Congress of Sociology, Durban, South-Africa. http://www.ucm.es/info/isa/congress2006/

August 7-9 : "Diverse Cultures, Diverse Communications", ICOM-MPR Annual Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya. http://mpr.icom.museum

August 23 - 26: "Gateway to Progress: Balancing Best Practices in Museums", Association of African American Museums 2006 Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. http://www.blackmuseums.org/

August 30 - September 2: "Cultural Encounters in Urban Space", European Association of Urban Historians Annual meeting, Stockholm, Sweden. http://www.historia.su.se/urbanhistory/eauh/invitation.htm

September 7-9: "'Of Asian Origin' : Rethinking Tourism In Contemporary Asia", Singapore. http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/conf2006/tourism.htm

September 11-16: "Documentation for conservation and development: new heritage strategies for the future", international Seminar of Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage, Florence, Italy. www.fuupfirenze.net

September 4 - November 24: "8ème cours régional sur la Conservation et la Gestion du Patrimoine Culturel Immobiler", Porto-Novo, Bénin. http://www.africa2009.net/francais/activites/cours/benin06.shtm

September 18-21: "Europe and the world", European Association of Social Anthropologists, 9th Bi-annual conference, Bristol, UK. http://www.easaonline.org/

September 25 - October 1: "Foodways and Lifestyles in the Search for Health and Beauty", 16th Conference of the International Commission for Ethnological Food Research, Innsbruck (Austria) and Merano (Italy). http://www.siefhome.org/wdb.php?sel=3053

October 2-6: " "Thinking, evaluating, rethinking", ICOM-CECA Annual Meeting, Rome, Italy.

October 2-6: "Making the intangible, tangible". AFRICOM 2nd General Assembly and International Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, in partnership with the South African Museum Association. http://www.africom.museum/ or http://www.samaweb.org.za/home.htm

October 11-14: "Textile Narratives and Conversations", Textile Society of America Symposium, Toronto, Canada. http://www.textilesociety.org/

October 23-25: Museum Association Annual conference, BICC, Bournemouth, UK. http://www.museumsassociation.org

November 15-19, 2006 105th AAA Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA, USA. http://www.aaanet.org/mtgs/mtgs.htm

December 3 - 7: "Transcending postcolonial conditions: Towards alternative modernities", conference co-sponsored by Anthropology Southern Africa (ASnA), the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) and the Pan-African Anthropological Association (PAAA), Cape Town, South Africa. Deadline for paper proposals: March 31. http://www.uct-cmc.co.za/conferences/2006/tpc/info.php

January 23-25, 2007: "L'anthropologie face à ses objets : nouveaux contextes ethnographiques", Campus de Saint-Charles, Université de Provence, Marseille, France. Deadline for paper proposals: 15 April 2006. http://www.vjf.cnrs.fr/lms/Colloque.htm

August 19 - 24, 2007: "Museums: Foundations of Understanding", 2007 ICOM General Conference, Vienna, Austria. http://www.icom-oesterreich.at/2007/index.html


Dear colleagues,

I trust you are all very well. How are you surviving winter? We have a sudden cold spell, which always takes us by surprise in the UK, even after 53 years of experience. I survive by recollecting close friends who are living in warmer climes. Tobago, Australia, Ghana, Miami...

You will see by now that I am in exceedingly good form, having recently returned from two great research trips, to Stockholm, Sweden, and to Tokyo, Japan. For this I am grateful to SAMP (an African Sweden museum network) organization and to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, for inviting me. I will tell you more in Miami. Briefly I discussed "Lifelong Learning Through Outreach with Disadvantaged Communities" and "Carnival Connections" in Stockholm in January. This month I presented a paper "Elders Recollecting and the UK museum" in Tokyo. In both countries it was heartening to see the way in which museums can collaborate across borders and with their local institutions, such as universities, for the benefit of the world's people. I feel sure this experience will enhance my monograph "Learning at the Museum Frontiers: Identity Race and Power, which I am currently writing for Ashgate, during a period of study leave from my day job at the University of Leicester.

Well now I must think about what research I would like to share with you in Miami. Let us all try to get our abstracts in by March 15th. Onwards!

Keep well.


Viv Golding, Editor of ICME-news

E-mail: editor@icme.icom.museum

Contact address: University of Leicester

Department of Museum Studies

105 Princess Road East

Leicester LE1 7LG. UK

Telephone: +44(0) 116 252 3975

Fax: +44(0) 116 252 3960

The deadline for the next issue is 1st June, 2006. Please send your news to any of the above contact addresses, although email is preferred.

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