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  ICME Newsletter 35, July 2003




It is still not too late to join this year's ICME conference, which will be held September 26-30 at the National Complex "ASTRA" Museum in Sibiu, Romania. July 31st is the deadline for registration, abstracts & payment. Information is available on the conference page, but there has also been considerable discussion about the conference on the ICME newsgroup

Here are a few links which may help in planning your journey:


September 1-5: "World Cultural Heritage: Uniting by Understanding" CIDOC-ADIT conference, St.-Petersburg, Russia. 

September 1-7 : National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU) Conference / Festival 2003. Jinja Town, Uganda. Information from Kyakuwa Julius Nacofungo@yahoo.com

September 11-17: CIMUSET & ICTOP & MPR conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, & Zagreb, Croatia.. Main Conference Themes: The Impact of Globalisation on Museum Communications; The Future of Science and Technology Museums; Co-operation in Museum Professional Training and Career Development. 

September 15­-20: 10th MEDITERRANEAN ETHNOLOGICAL SUMMER SYMPOSIUM (MESS), PIRAN, SLOVENIA. Information from Irena Weber Irena.Weber@guest.arnes.si

September 17-21: XIXth European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM), Vienna, Austria.

September 18-20: "The Best in Heritage", Dubrovnik, Croatia. www.TheBestInHeritage.com

September 26-30: "Cultural Traditions in Danger of Disappearing in Contemporary Society A Challenge for Museums", ICME 2003 National Complex "ASTRA" Museum, Sibiu, Romania. http://icme.icom.museum

September 29- October 1: "Museums in Africa: Challenges for the 21st Century" AFRICOM Conference 2003, Nairobi - Kenya. Three workshops are planned:

  1. Museums and the Public: Current State and Potential Development
  2. Museums and the Prevention of Conflicts in Africa
  3. Administration, Management and Financing of Museums

September 30: Deadline for museological workshop proposals on the theme "presence and the visual" for the 2004 European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) 8th bi-annual conference to be held in Vienna, Austria September 8-12, 2004 (NOT September 15-19). . The main conference theme is "Face to face: Connecting distance and proximity". 

October 2 -5: Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Miami, Florida, USA. http://ethnomusicology.org

October 15 - 17: 3rd International Conference of Ethnographic Museums in Central- and South East Europe, Ethnographical Museum Martin, Slovakia. Themes: 1. Modern ethnographic exposition 2. International cooperation between ethnographic museums Contact: PhDr. Mária HALMOVÁ snm-em@stonline.sk

November 5-8: "Balancing Museum Technology and Transformation", Museum Computer Network annual meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 

November 19-23: American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago Hilton and Towers, USA.

April 26-May 1, 2004: "Among Others: Conflict and Encounter in European and Mediterranean Societies", 8th Congress of SIEF in collaboration with ADAM (Association d'Anthropologie Méditerranéenne), Marseille, France.
Propsed seminars include:

  • "Making heritage: the case of the Mediterranean";
  • "Objets de rencontres, objets de disputes ou comment faire parler les objets des relations entre les sociétés de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée?;"
  • "Objects from elsewhere : Material expressions of difference and belonging ";
  • "Changing museums";
  • "Places of Conflict, Places of Sharing: Spaces and Constructions of Heritage".

    October 2-8, 2004: "Intangible Cultural Heritage", ICOM General Conference, Seoul, Korea. 

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