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ICME papers 2012
ICOM-ICME/2012/Namibia (ICME Annual Conference 2012) 12-14 September, 2012 & Post-Conference Tour 15-18 September, abstracts

ICME papers 2011
ICME-ICOM Annual Meeting, Banz Monastery, Bad Staffelstein, Germany, 2011 October 2-5 papers in pipeline

ICME papers 2010
ICOM triennial General Conference / "Museums for Social Harmony", ICME annual conference "The Challenging Museum/Challenging the Museum", Shanghai, China, 2010 November 8th - 10th

ICME papers 2009
Museums for Reconciliation and Peace - Roles of Ethnographic Museums in the World, Seoul, Korea, October 19 - 21 (22/24)

ICME papers 2008
"Migration, Diaspora, Pilgrimage", Jerusalem, Israel, November 17-19
see for abstracts

ICME papers 2007
"The World under One Roof: Past, Present and Future Ethnographic Approaches to Universality", Vienna, Austria, August 19 - 24

ICME papers 2006
Papers presented at the conference Connections, Communities and Collections Miami Beach, Florida, USA. July 10 - 12

ICME papers 2005
Papers presented at the conference Can Oral History Make Objects Speak? Nafplion, Greece. October 18-22, 2005

ICME papers 2004
Papers presented at the ICME sessions of the 2004 ICOM general conference Museums and Intangible Heritage. Seoul, Korea. October 2-8, 2004

ICME papers 2003
Papers presented at the conference Cultural Traditions in Danger of Disappearing in Contemporary Society - A Challenge for Museums. Sibiu, Romania. September 26-30, 2003

ICME papers 2002
Papers presented at the conference High Expectations, but Low Funding: How do poor museums meet their targets?. Lusaka and Livingstone, Zambia. July 28 - August 2, 2002

ICME papers 2001
Papers presented at the ICME sessions, ICOM TRIENNIAL CONFERENCE, BARCELONA 2001

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